Friday, November 1, 2013

Apologies and update for the time passed since my last post..

Hellooooooooo friends. How are you all?? I know I owe an apology to all of you for being absent for almost a whole year. Actually I was hell busy during the whole period. In my professional life, I was transferred from Kolkata to Sikkim and a good amount of time was spent on that. Adjusting to the quite hills after spending a long time in a metro like Kolkata is an arduous job in itself. Add the intense work pressure on top of that and the result is- you get lesser and lesser time for doing things that you love.

Apart from that, in personal front also, I was very busy with various personal works. Some very important events happened to my personal life as well, and not all of them are happy ones. So was emotionally distressed as well. So, today, after all this, I thought of sharing what happened (photographically) during this period with you guys. So in bullet points, from my last post, these things happened to me-

1. Bought a better digital body (D7000). After I get to know this baby better, will write a post reviewing it- amateur style.

2. Got interested in films and dabbled a bit in film photography. Got myself a Nikon FM and a Nikon FM2n. Really fantastic bodies those two are. Built like a tank and work flawlessly. Only problem now is the availability of film and processing them. Will write about my new found love soon

3. As a side effect of being transferred to a place like Sikkim , got interested in Landscapes. The stunning visuals everywhere just urge you to click. Learnt a few things about landscape photography as well. Will soon share them here.

4. Got myself a good set of ND and GND filters of Cokin P series. These are the best friends of a landscape photographer and are really really helpful. However first one must know how to use them. I shall write a post regarding using them here shortly.

5. Got a speed light of Chinese make. The brand is Simpex and the model no is 999. Believe me, its a no-fuss, cheap manual flash that simply works. Got to love this baby. As you can guess it, you can expect a write-up on this as well.

6. As a side effect of dabbling in film photography, also got myself a couple of old manual lens. Seriously guys, if you don't mind focussing manually, these things are like Gem. Solidly built, great optics and smooth handling. Above all, they are dirt cheap. What more do you want? I am getting myself Nikon lenses and also learnt a few things about old Nikon glass. A detailed write up is coming in future on this subject exclusively.

7. I am most excited about this. I got myself a Sigma 10-20 Ultra Wide Angle lens. Shooting through an UWA is unlike anything you have experienced. The crazy distortion and unusual focal length forces you to change you shooting and composition styles. I still don't know much about them, but will share the little I learnt along the way with you guys.

So, as you see, despite all the time-consuming affairs I mentioned earlier, still managed to do something regarding my love- Photography. Now everything has more or less settled down and hopefully, I will be able to write some posts. As you can see from the points mentioned above, at least next seven posts are planned. Stay tuned . They should not be very late.

Before signing off, I am sharing here some of the pics I clicked during my last six months stay in Sikkim. Do leave a comment saying whether you liked them or not. I shall be waiting. See ya..


  1. Hi there. I came across your blog while searching for an article on RAW. You are doing a great job Sir, and your photos are really nice. Do post more regularly. Rajesh.


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